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    1) Is scrapebox scraps all do follow blogs url?
    2) What is an average ratio of approval of comments? per 500 comments
    3) scrapebox shows submitted? but found comment is not posted? what is that?
    4) After comment posting, can we ping all submitted url?
    5) What you guys recommend? how many comment posting should be done per day for a website? if the website is 2 years old.
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    1.)sbox scrapes the results G, Y!, B and AOL return. Just as there is no search operator that limits results to **************** there is no way in sbox to do this.

    2.)500 is a really small number to get an accurate sample rate, but my typically auto approve rate is .08% to 1.4%. Beyond that it can run anywhere from 1.5% to 50%+ It totally depends on your footprints you search for, how good of proxies you have, and how good your comments are. All told though, I have private proxies and I have put some good effort into comments. Given my search footprints I get a 10%-20% approval rate to the lists I post to. Thats of comments approved in a 3-6 week timeframe.

    3.)Comments are moderated 99% of the time. Do you have a blog? do you set your comments to auto approve? If not, thats what that is.

    4.)You can in a matter of speaking. Pinging them will do you no good, thats for inflating traffic. You could create a RSS feed, upload it to a site and then submit that feed to the rss aggregators. However you might as well type out a letter to Google telling them what your website is and that you are a spammer and request that they ban your site.

    5.) I don't hesitate to blast 100K a day to a site 2 years old. But the safer way would be to blast a site that links to your site. Just to protect your money site. Then blast as many as you want. It takes weeks for them all to be approved and then weeks more for G to find them so its a nice inbuilt process that causes links to appear slowly and look natural.
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    Yeah and ive found that i get MUCH BETTER approval rate if i run the harvested urls through the "Alive Check" addon first...

    This way only the "alive" urls are returned to scrapebox, then i only comment on approval rate is up to 70% doing it this way..