Some Q's for ANYONE who has made money with FB PPC...COME ON IN!!!!

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    I'm planning to get into FB PPC in the near future, and I have some quick Q's for those who have had success. Feel free to answer any of your choice, or all. :D

    Assume you're running FB PPC with CPA offers...

    1. In your opinion, is PPC with CPA offers what most people are doing to monetize off of FB?

    2. Once you get a profitable campaign going, is it easy to scale up?

    3. Is there a lot (6h+) of research involved before you start a campaign to promote an offer?

    4. Do you need a lot of tools to be successful in FB PPC?

    5. This next Q is pretty broad...but here goes: is it that difficult to actually make a good profit using PPC? I'm talking about double or triple ROI.

    6. Is a large portion of your success with PPC based on luck or chance? Or are you in control of it (hard work and determination)? I heard PPC is like gambling.

    7. If a campaign is successful today, will it most likely be successful if you were to run it again tomorrow? (Rinse and repeat?)

    8. Is PPC a stable income as long as you have campaigns running?

    9. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most difficult), what would you say is the difficulty of taking the time to learn, implement, and make money with FB PPC?

    10. Lastly, would you say the money you make is worth the effort you put in with FB PPC?

    I know it's a lot of Q's, but whatever input you guys can give will be helpful, and will be appreciated. :)