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some paypal accounts banned, other's aren't. wtf....how?? (interesting read)

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by whyyoumad, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. whyyoumad

    whyyoumad Registered Member

    Apr 1, 2013
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    (1) 2009: I've had several paypal accounts, than one got banned for selling fake (didn't know this) and negative balance -$700. I lost the case because paypal messed up on it, so they gave the $700 back to me. account is banned though.
    (2) 2010: I made another paypal account to sell on. ~$50k/year in sales. bank verified, card verified, sent in photo ID, receipts of goods, etc. 100% legit account. Account is working order, not linked to anything. STILL ACTIVE
    (3) 2011: Made 3rd paypal account only to pay for goods. no bank, only credit card. name a little different. this paypal was suspended because they claimed I opened too many disputes as buyer. They also suspended my brother account because linked to this third account, but not my second account (Still active) or any mention of first account (not linked to this)
    (4) 2015: An older account from 2009 I started using for sending payments only. Now this is limited and they are asking for proof of identity. I think they linked it to my 2009 account (Banned). This has complete fake name on it.

    How are they linking some and not others?
    IP? My (2) account is still active, I don't change IP or username or use proxy, just clear cookies (some times I forget), nonetheless the (2) doesn't seem to be linked to anything, even though I use same IP to login (2), (3) and (4).
    Name? all accounts have different names, so can't be linked this way
    Address? I registered all accounts with different addresses. However my credit card billing address is same on all 4 accounts. So how did they link (4) with (1) and not (2) or (3)?

    Don't think I"ll send in photo ID for account (4), I don't want it linked to (2). I might make a new Paypal account just to buy. From what I've seen I can use fake name, address, and put in real card and read address and it not be linked.
  2. blt938

    blt938 BANNED BANNED

    Jan 8, 2014
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    You used the same IP, (billing) address, and sometimes mixed cookies on all of them? Then you can consider them all to be linked. As to why some are limited randomly while one is seemingly fine, only Paypal knows this. The account may last for years, or it may all go down at any time, again only Paypal knows.

    However, you shouldn't rely on the remaining account for that reason. You really should learn proper stealth techniques (reusing anything is something you should never do) and build up a proper stealth account now while you still have a functioning account. That way you can afford to do things slowly and not have to rush into things. You're really lucky to still have that one linked account.

    A real bank card on a stealth account wouldn't work 99% of the time because it would fail AVS check. You would need gift cards, or a reloadable VCC.
  3. Happyjoe

    Happyjoe Junior Member

    Dec 29, 2013
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    Interesting read indeed , i was trying to learn about stealth accounts but what you are doing is all wrong starting with the ip, just immagine that they even track the id number of the pc you are using, browser, etc.