Some keyword research help needed please. Can you check these numbers

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by islandman1010, May 20, 2012.

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    I have worked on some keyword research and found a 3 word phrase which gets

    18,100 exact matches per month
    49,500 phrase matches per month

    The no1 domain is a 2 page .info site with the keyword with hyphens ie
    The .com, .net and .org variations are all also 1 or 2 pages low content blogs and without hyphens

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    The backlinks from the No1 domain has 93 .gov links which would seem to be its strength. The rest are mostly from a parked page about a different subject. This would seem to have been done by buying link packages or scrapebox blasts.

    The exact match .info without hyphens is available ie

    So in conclusion, is this a good keyword to target with a better looking site to the ones in the top positions.

    Tools avaiable to me are market samarui and scrapebox and one or two others.

    Thanks for looking!
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    That seems like a pretty good keyword to go after. Normally it would be a walkover, but as you say, you got some competition - the guy at #1 obviously knows his SEO but if you nail down your on-site SEO and blast your backlinks you should be ok.

    Don't listen to all that scare mongering about building a steady flow of backlinks - that's just BS. If you build backlinks aggressively and continue to keep building links aggressively - you wont be penalised by google.

    Don't be afraid to do it. I've done it with my new site and I'm on the 1st page and I didnt get penalised by google in the recent update.

    Good luck.