Some Issue with MNS

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    I started 1 micro niche site and the keyword gets around 1900 Exact searches per month. With some backlinks it is sitting on position 3 since last 1 month.

    I usually get 5 visitors per day on this particular domains and i m getting 2-3 click per day with only 5 visitors, and CTR is going above 60% sometimes. Recently i removed the adblocks from the domain so that my account doesn't get banned.

    I have adsense on more than 30 domains and the issue which i m facing is only on 1 domain. I usually get 4% CTR on all domains. All the other domains get around 300-500 visitors per day and they are not MNS.

    Have you faced this issue with MNS.

    Edit: I m not using CTR theme on this domains and i generally put 1 adblock after the title and 1 adblock after the content.