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    I recentyly decided to do a little investigation into blog comments...

    What I did:

    1. I set up a subdomain blog at a randomly found WPMU site...
    2. I then did the full autoblog thing...linked to a twitter account...just to
    ensure some leggit traffic.
    3. I then added a javascript redirect after 0 second to another almost
    exact duplicate of this blog, but cause of the way most browsers
    parse and execute javascript, the initial page
    would display for about 1 second then redirect.
    4. I did NOT add any spam blocking on the first blog.
    5. I add the privacy setting to blog2, NOT TO INDEX

    If you are asking "How do I insert Javascript into a WPMU", eazy, just find one that allows you to add ads3nse code.
    I think you should be able to use this on blogger aswell. 
    there are other ways, but I dont think I will discuss it here.
    The Plan:

    1. Any real visitors would, be redirected to the second blog.
    2. I let the blog mull in the cesspool of interweb for a couple of days
    (ok, about 2 weeks)
    3. I then checked the email adress linked to the first blog and found
    that there was an average of about 20 comments PER DAY.
    4. I then checked the actual stats for each blog and compared the
    pageviews on blog 1 to the pageviews reffered to blog2 from blog1
    5. This would in effect only divert mostly REAL and TARGETED traffic
    to my real blog.
    6. One MUST take into consideration that some people have javascript
    switched OFF...

    The Result:
    1. My Top Day on a Blog1 Page was 111 unique visits
    2. My average Day on Blog1 is 80 - 90 unique visits
    2. I am getting on average 20 comment per day on blog1
    3. Blog2 only get between 5 and 17 referals from Blog1 per day
    4. With that I have estimated that only about 12% of the visits to my
    blog1 was leggit users WITH JAVASCRIPT enabled.