Some info I got in my inbox about backlinking and sandbox


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Jan 10, 2010
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I see a lot of people talking about too many backlinks, sandbox etc.

I got this email trying to sell me seopressor plugin but he says what I have long understood to be true.

I thought this might be interesting to many worried parties and it might also prompt discussion.

From a personal point of view, I have never had a site sandboxed. I do always have a broad range of backlinkds but I do also use Howie Schwarzs backlink generation to get huge amounts of backlinks. And as I said, the sandbox has never hit me.

Here is the email, any thoughts?


True-to-their-grit Internet marketers were all shaken out
of their reverie when Google announced its Sandbox in 2005.

This was a veritable threat to them. So many websites got
sandboxed back then, and they didn't even know what they had
done to incite Google's ire. Soon enough, they understood the
reason behind it. They were given backlinks by other websites,
mostly by their competitors. This caused Google to think that
these websites were using black-hat SEO techniques and they
promptly sandboxed these websites.

Quickly enough, Google understood this loophole in their system.
So, what did they do? They went ahead, and without apologizing
or anything, they simply removed the backlink clause from their
Sandbox feature. That meant, no website could be banned for
having too many backlinks, simply because backlinks can easily
be added by rivals.

If you are reading all of this attentively, you will have realized
this--It is no longer illegal according to Google to have backlinks.

Today, in 2010, the Sandbox has improved vastly. Backlinking
won't hurt your website, which means you can use it in any way
that you want. You can use backlinks to build up your off-page
SEO value and really get the rich rewards of it.

So, why does the Google Sandbox exist today? The main purpose
of it right now is to assess the value of websites. It is particularly
useful for newly registered domains. It tries to check how these
new domains are faring in comparison with the already established
ones. This is a good analytical service for new entrepreneurs who
want to know how they are performing, and the best part is that they
don't have to worry about getting sandboxed because a competitor
has given them too many backlinks.

In other words, if you don't want to get sandboxed, focus on good
on-page SEO.
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