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Some helpful advice would be real nice

Discussion in 'Business & Tax Advice' started by kreata73, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. kreata73

    kreata73 Newbie

    Apr 14, 2009
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    Hi There fellow Black Hatters :cool:

    I'd like to pick a brain or two on a few things I am experiencing at the moment with a particular niche/website which is family run.

    First off i'll give you a bit of history on how the site was run by the previous owner. He developed a list by cold calling customers and going to trade shows and other business events. I know this because there is no optin box on the website, also all sales are being made by contacting the owner to place orders.

    There's around 1000 buying customers on the list, the only problem is that the list hasn't been used in the last 2 years! (yes, i know i know, a major crime has been committed) Don't worry my top priority is to get back in contact with the list (which i have already started to do :D).

    I'm also going to get some articles written for link juice etc etc, But here's the thing that is baffling me...

    Whenever I search for a product on Google there are no sponsored ads and no ads on the side either.


    Before we go on I guess an example of a search term would be good right?
    ati v7900 it's a graphics card. It's at the mid priced end of graphics cards available on the website, they go all the way up to five figures.


    Why is no one bidding on these keywords ? I've tried a few products in Adwords and the competition is low and there's a fair amount of search activity for these keywords.

    Also why is nothing coming up in google places either ?

    It's not as if people don't buy graphics cards... So what is going on ?

    Can anyone shed some light on these findings please.

    Thanks in advance :)