Some guy in thailand wants to buy my clickbank product?

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by skateitsgreat, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Today I got an email from ebay classified listings from someone who wants to get my product, but cant use paypal nor clickbank:

    if neither clickbank nor paypal does not work for me in Thailand, how can I buy your product?

    - n406al

    Is there anyway I can get it to this guy without getting burned?
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    When I was selling on ebay, I pretty much just had a rule that "if you can't use paypal, sorry but I can't help you". I stuck to it most of the time because 1.I wanted the money, and 2.It's typically a safer method for recieving payment. The downside is that you'll lose some sales, for what I was selling it didn't matter because it was making enough sales that I could afford to turn down a few.

    On occassion though, I would go ahead and let the customer mail me a payment. I would give them a set amount of time I would wait for the money order to clear before shipping the product. You can still run into problems with that when dealing with international money orders because your bank will release the funds even before it's cleared all the way back to its origin. Since you're dealing with a digital product, you risk factor is low (worse thing can happen is they end up with your product and you didn't get paid. Thats bad, but not as bad as if you had shipped actual goods).

    Kind of up to you whether you want to deal with the hassle of it. If you do then I would suggest that you just deposit the money but don't pull out the funds from your bank from it for at leat a month. As I said before, I usually just apologized for not being able to help them and then moved on to the next customer.
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    Western Union is a great pp alternative thats alot safer.
  4. ying-yang

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    i live in thailand and paypal works for me both ways, if i was u i would check the guy out, seems he is asking u to do deals with out pp backing ?? ie u can charge back if its WU.