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    Hello All,
    My main website which is hacking, security, seo related was my first site and is the site I mainly focused on when starting out and joining BHW.

    Although this isnt exaclty a 'now im making xyz a day' thread im simply saying thanks for the help on this forum etc and for those who are thinking about giving up... dont simply persist and things will eventually happen.

    Basically at first I was getting maybe 10 (forgot to mention but now im at about 150 a day) uniques a day.. which isnt very good and I was getting frustrated wondering how I could build a mailing list etc.

    Now though my blog is ranked 1# for a decentish keyword term relevent to my blog and the posts are also ranked high for different stuff.

    All my content is unique and I have over 200 unique posts at 400+ words each.

    I started to see results organically and eventually bought scrapebox. At first I started spamming the hell out of it as I didnt know what I was doing (theres probably some old posts here of me asking questions etc) lately though (the last month or so) ive been primarily focusing on pr2+ comments and ive started to see some results. Nothing big but results none the less.

    Note as well that im actually not using any buffer sites for this site and im blasting direct to it. Ive noticed now that when i make a post it seems to auto be on the first page for the term (providing its not overly competetive). I also noticed that when doing big blasts my main page fell in the SERP but my posts etc actually got a bit of an immprovement.

    Some other things ive learned from my ventures here at bhw are to read others mistakes because they save you in the longrun. My mailing list is currentlly at about 5k and growing by atleast 100 a day.

    My future plan is to let it sit, gradually add content and eventually when its ripe monetize it with an ebook or something.

    Again, this post is to say to anyone whose read pevious posts by me that my site is currently doing ok and with scrapebox although not awesome results theyre not bad. Im in the process of looking at web2.0 and buffers etc as ive read theyre worth looking into. ill be honest and say ive never actually used linkwheels or pyramids etc on this particular site only scrapebox.

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    Under the tree of money.
    The devaluation of backlinks coming from blog comments it`s real now.. Even if you`re talking about High PR blog comments or hundreds of validated backlinks from PR n/a and 0, the results are not worth investing in..
    You should search for other methods ...
    You`re basically ranking your inner pages due to authority in your niche but from my case studies, the backlinks coming from blog comments have very low impact to rankings...

    My suggestion is to try to focus on in-content backlinks and diversify your backlinks portofolio...
    Start simple with some Squidoo and Do-follow hubpages.
    Do some article promotion as well...
    Make an interesting video in your niche and distribute it to major video networks.
    Do some other web 2.0 properties as well and link the video made above in the content of your articles.

    Hope I could help !