Some good Perry Marshall secret competitor spying method

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    Here is a good method to see how good your competitor is rated by google in adwords gottten off perrys email list- enjoy

    Today I'm going to give you a very cool trick..

    One of the most useful kinds of market research you can do is
    what I call "market research by proxy." By that I mean, surveying
    the market based on what's already working for other advertisers.

    You can credit the turbulent economy for providing this opportunity,
    as I shall explain...

    Sure, in a perfect world you'd survey the customers, Glenn Livingston
    style, like you see at But that takes
    time and money.

    The next best thing is to discover which advertisers are getting the
    highest CTR's on their ads and who are paying Google the most
    money per day.

    There have always been clever ways to do this. A very long
    time ago Google used to put a little "popularity bar" beneath the
    ads. They took that away. But there are still sneaky ways
    to figure this out.

    I believe that Google adjusts certain thresholds and
    Quality Score requirements from time to time to meet their
    quarterly revenue targets. Richard Stokes talked about this
    on our Expert Series call a couple of weeks ago (MP3 available
    at w3.Expertseries.AdwordsStrategy.c0m

    So here's what's going on and how you can benefit:

    Let's say someone's shopping and researching hard. They
    search, click on an ad, look at a site, go back, search again,
    click on another ad, and so on.

    The more ads Google shows them, the less money Google
    makes because the lower quality advertisers aren't paying
    Google as much money.

    *If Google shows fewer ads, they'll make more money when
    people DO click.* So for people who search repeatedly,
    Google shows fewer ads.

    Helps Google make more money when a lot of big advertisers
    have cut their budgets. Google had a good quarter last
    quarter, despite the economic jitters.

    So if you want to know who the highest quality advertisers
    are - search a keyword, and then click "search" again and
    again and again. After awhile the list of advertisers on the
    right side will shrink.

    After a whole bunch of searches there may only be 3-4 left.

    THOSE are the highest quality advertisers. Those are the
    ones that make Google the most money per 1000 searches,
    which is the real name of the game.

    So here's an example.

    If I search "weight loss" there are well over 100 advertisers.
    Page after page of 'em.

    But if I search that term over and over again, eventually the
    only ones left are these:

    Jenny Craig Official Site
    Join Today and Lose 20lbs for $20.
    Get Started Now! Limited Time Offer
    Top 3 Weight Loss Pills
    Want Max Weight Loss Fast?
    These 3 Diet Pills Really Work.
    Acai Berry & Weight Loss
    The Secret Diet Discovered By A Mom
    Who Lost 42lbs In 3 Months...
    Lose 21 pounds in 4 weeks
    Hardest cases accepted
    Medical doctors - fast, safe
    Chicago, IL

    After all the smoke has cleared, there are four left standing.
    A savvy marketer studies those ads carefully... AND studies
    their landing pages and sales process. Their offers, their
    prices. The smartest marketers also play customer and buy
    the product to see what happens next.

    Notice that only half of these ads have the term "weight loss"
    in the headline. Yes, doing that normally works best, but super-
    great ads often break the 'rules.'

    Aggressive marketers study hyper-compeitive markets and learn
    all they can. This is a GREAT way to study any market you're
    interested in. You can borrow all kinds of ideas from other
    industries as well, and use them in yours.
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    I tried that with 3 diff. sets of keywords and I keep getting the same number of results with mostly the same advertisers but could see the ads rotations.

    I clicked "search" about 15 times for each search. Maybe I had to click much more.
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    i didnt try it myself yet as i only had just read it myself and thought it sounded to be good info- i have to say im on his list and he rarelty gives you didly squat unless you join his round table classes so if it doesnt work i apologise for waisting your time and will put it down to another useless sendout from a so called guru
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    PPC Marketing Consultant
    Haha Marshall isn't a "so-called" guru.

    His adwords information is some of the best out there, and I know a couple people making 7 figures a year who rely on his adwords advice.
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    seriously man i know he has good info but theres a lot better infomation around giving you much better info han he gives for a lot less - However if you are prepared to fork out for his expensive courses then of course he has good info
    but i must say his i certainly am not gonna fork out 5k plus for his round tabe courses

    I been on his list for a long time (not sure why)and have very rarely got any good info from him whatsoever