Some free tools for backlink analysis!

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    Noticed a lot of newbies lately, looks like IM is attracting more and more people, that is great, there is always room for an extra one ;-)

    That said, hope this list I collected of free tools for back-linking analysis helps ya out:

    Using and typing in a url and including "/seo" at the end is a fast, free and an easy way to get link and other SEO related data.

    Google Webmaster Tools is pretty great for analyzing your own site as well, for those that have not set it up. I think it finds more links than other tools, give it a shot and compare...

    Also try Open Site Explorer, Back Link Watch and Web Link Validator...

    Also since the shut down of Yahoo explorer, I suggest .
    it updates DB frequently and it meets many people's demand without buying it's service. Kinda Kewl..

    Hope this helps. Enjoy !