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Some Changes Coming To Paid Ads

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by The Scarlet Pimp, Oct 3, 2016.

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    A new study coming from Hanapin Marketing is showing that there is some significant changes taking place in the realm of paid advertising.

    For one, the report found that programmatic ads are now found in about 50% of all advertisers portfolios.

    Despite that, however, about 30% that do have it in their portfolio find that it is not an effective option.

    The report was compiled from surveying a variety of different brands as well as other key influencers who use pay-per-click advertising.

    In addition to asking about current ad spend, they also looked at what their plans were for 2017 and beyond.

    One major difference from this year's results and last years is that just 14% of all the respondents reported that they will be spending more than 1 million per month in PPC ads.

    This is down from 59% in 2015. This huge drop could be significant in looking at the future of how digital advertising will take place.

    80% of those who took the survey said that they 'feel good' about the PPC options out there. Ad agencies, however, had only 29% of respondents feeling very good about the current state of PPC advertising.

    Of all the types of ads, text ads are still the most effective for advertisers, but that is dropping. This year 86% of people said they were effective with text ads, but 90% said the same thing last year.

    Not surprisingly, brands are looking toward social advertising more than ever. 67% of advertisers are reporting that they will be increasing their budgets in Facebook ads over the next year.

    Overall, marketers reported that they will be increasing their budgets in many places including AdWords (75%), mobile (73%), Facebook (69%), Bing (53%) and Instagram (41%).

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    Jun 24, 2016
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