Some Automated Video Creator(Mp3 Files) for Youtbe? [See Details]

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by handsupbr, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Hi, i'm new on this, and searched but not found anything like what i need.

    i have many mp3 files, with the correct name like this:
    Artist name - Track name (Remix Name).mp3
    Artist name2 - Track name (Remix Name).mp3
    Artist name3 - Track name (Remix Name).mp3
    Artist name4 - Track name (Remix Name).mp3
    Artist name5 - Track name (Remix Name).mp3

    what i need:
    one program for create each file a video with the mp3 file sound,and in your background the file name.
    and if possible automatic upload for youtube with various accounts/Proxy.

    tell me if you know one works well for me :D
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    I'm pretty sure that there isin't any software out there that can do this. I know a few people who have custom script just for this and there are a lot of people already doing this.

    Its not as easy as it sounds, because you have to bypass the youtube copyright system aswell by changing a few parameters in the file along with several other things as the youtube file detection system is pretty good, and being honest, if you're uploading all non-mainstream stuff then it won't get that many views and not much revenue (if you're doing CPA with it the conversion rate is terrible - ~7%) and if you're uploading mainstream stuff which will get a lot of views but will get detected by youtube. So if you''re planning to get a bot made for this then you will defiantly have to implement a system that allows you to bypass the MP3 detection system by YouTube and then blank referrer and many other things...

    Feel free to PM me if you need any help with this.
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