Some Advice Please - Im A Designer


Dec 1, 2008
Hello B-Hatters.

Sorry i havent contributed much to this forum. I will do as soon as im making money, or i learn how to get peoples products without paying.

Right now im suffering from information overload with internet marketing, and i have no money to invest in webhostings and what not.

So, I have decided to start my online career doing something i love: Designing.

I have a few questions though: How much should i sell really good squeeze pages and websites for?

I will bundle them aswell, but i have no idea on how much would be a good price which people will pay.

I have looked at a tonne of squeeze pages and websites offered in other peoples packages, and well to be honest, i can do better.

My problem is Design is an Art to me, with that said i dont enjoy knocking up a quick good template, i would rather make a fresh original top quality site, incorperating my own fresh concepts. Im really into the "modern" style right now.

Any advice on how to start my own Internet Marketing Design company and pricing?

Talk and discussion with me and others would be greatly appreshiated. Thanks. :)
Digital Point is probably screaming for you if you know how to design and code wordpress templates... Check them out a buddy of mine is started to design some to sell for $300+ a template. Make it unique and plugin compatible and you have money rolling in. Also sell it as a 1 of 1 template and it will be worth more.
Thanks for that mate but i dont know how to design or code wordpress.... definately something im going to look into though, ive definatly got the design skill, but wordpress is completely new to me. Im a fast learner though, im sure i can find some tutorials somewhere. Thanks again buddy.

EDIT - Found a tutorial on how to make WordPress Themes. Looks like WordPress Design is going to be my first online business :)
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