Some advice on some more "basic" money making methods

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by GoldenTiger, May 29, 2008.

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    Ok first off, this is not some kind of "Me noob! How I make moneys on the internets?" threads, just looking for comments from people who may have tried the methods I discuss below. And it might also be a useful post for others who are very new, and might keep them from making "Help meee!!!!11 I no make the money :(" styles of posts.

    I am applying methods to earn money, and thought I would start with something "basic", that could earn $15-$20 a day. Then maybe use part of the money to invest in some more "advanced" BH tactics.

    After searching the forums and using my brain to think of some ways, heres what I came up with so far.

    - Writing Articles
    Ok, so apparently, you can make around $5 for an article you write for someone. Thought this would be a good start, since I am quite good at writing, and can write in nearly perfect English.

    What places are recommended for me to offer those services?

    I know about DP, Scriptlance, Rentacoder, Getafreelancer, etc. If you know of more sites like this, let me know.
    I am thinking of writing 1-3 articles a day, would it be hard to find enough "work"?

    - Doing some CPA offers for others
    Once again, the sites I know of to find work in this method are DP, Scriptlance, Rentacoder, Getafreelancer, etc. Any other ones you know?

    - Promoting some "porn-by-email" or dating sites that pay around $1 - $3 per free member (no cc req'd).
    Now I am not talking about filling them out myself. I know how to do that... Its just its too tedious, and in the end, will probably get you canned from the sponsor after a while.

    Anyone tried this, and if so, which methods did you use to promote them?

    I know this may be more of a question for an adult webmaster forum, but thought I would start by asking about it here first.

    So far, I know you can create galleries and submit them to TGP's and get traffic that way.
    Also, just started a few test campaigns with some "lower end" PPC networks (miva, Black Label ads, etc). Will see how this converts... Shouldnt be that difficult, as there is no "selling" anything involved.

    I know about eWhoring, but it seems many chat rooms are already "saturated" with this (open a Yahoo chatroom and you'll see what I am talking about... you will start getting dozens of spam IMs within minutes, if not seconds).

    If you know of some other way to make some small amount daily, that isnt too time consuming, let me know too. I am willing to devote around 2 hrs a day for starters.

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    If you want to be a freelance writer, than stay away from DP, there are tons of indian guys who write 400-500 word articles for $3-$4... :)