Soluton-oriented activist looking for marketing JV

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    u r looking at it! :)
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    i have been an activist for a number of years now in the liberty "movement", truth "movement" (exposing government and corporate lies) etc.
    recently i had a major shift in my approach and i started my own thing called Solutionism which is all about facilitating via facebook and meetup functionality people with solutions to share with each other and for people who have "woken up" to find solutions.
    In other words, instead of fighting infringements upon our liberty,freedom, rights, etc, empower individuals and build stronger communities.
    Everyone that I have talked to about it has been enthusiastically positive about the idea.
    I have the site all set up and running and it looks reasonably nice but so far I have only generated about 90 members (free) in a bit under two months.
    With the right marketing it could do a lot of good in the world.
    I know black hatters have hearts of gold so I figured you would be interested.
    And I see this also as something that could be tremendously profitable or that could be extremely positive to a marketer from a PR standpoint. For instance... Ryan Deiss and The Garko Factor present Solutionism Network.
    This would give a tremendously positive image of said marketer (Deiss chosen only because he has been pretty high profile lately) and help greatly in overcoming the online trust obstacle factor.
    So I am looking to have someone who knows what they are doing market the thing while I run operations.
    I am a bit frustrated with the learning curve, buying crappy software that doesn't work or that I didn't need after all, etc lol
    Who wants to do some damage to the diabolical powers that soon will be were and help empower individuals and build stronger communities in a JV venture with me that can also be quite profitable?