[Solution] Fed up with google captchas when entering/creating an account ? :-)

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    When using gmail accounts one thing often bugs you: You enter correct login and password and what happens ? BANG -> Captcha
    This also happens when you changed your IP and remove all your cookies.

    And it also bugs you when CREATING gmail accounts, they tend to give you more than one captcha in these cases.

    Why ?
    I recently found out google mail uses a flash cookie to track your gmail accounts, I did not care about it until I got too pissed from all those captchas.
    If you log into too many different accounts it will trigger the captcha.

    Everyone who uses a lot of gmail accounts knows how much time that costs.
    From my statistics you waste about 12-20 seconds if you are fast and don't make an error on the captcha.

    Well the solution is easy and the same as for gaypal and egay: Know about your flash cookies and waste them ;)
    I've not experienced any more captchas since those cookies are gone.

    Here is the link to my old thread here for more info and instructions how to remove them. (nothing new there in case you read it already)
    I simply blocked them completely, have not had troubles so far.
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