SOLD Website - Advice Needed On How To Deliver Files To Buyer

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    Could use some guidance from someone experienced please.

    I sold a site today and now I need to figure out best way to get all important website files to buyer.

    Site is on a reseller account hosted with Zoom but I have other domains there as well and I'll continue to host on my primary account.

    Should I do a FULL/COMPLETE backup of the site or just the home directory of the site?

    Want to be sure he gets all web files as the site is large.

    Do I need to do anything special if there's a blog using MySql?

    I really appreciate any help or suggestions on how to proceed properly.

    Thank you!
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    It all depends what your transporting and the files in it.

    But anyway if its just a reseller hosting account you have you can make a backup of that Home folder (if the code doesn't point to any other folders in your structure), and import it at his hosting company.

    After that you have to make a dump of the SQL database. And import it using whatever he has, most of the time it would be phpMyAdmin.

    Make the database and put all the info in change the config file to match the details he has. And its prolly ready. Maybe some pictures are not showing then you have to look if all the names are good and the same. Or reupload them, but most of the time everything will work
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