Software To Download Videos And Make Unique Versions?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by directaxcess, Aug 2, 2012.

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    I may be asking for something that doesn't exist, but I am looking for a software that will download videos from YouTube and produce several unique versions of that video. I know mass video blaster can make unique copies of the same video but that is while uploading the video itself. I don't want to use MVB to upload videos -- I just need to download and make unique copies and save them to my computer for submission. Anyone?
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    I just got Neodownloader, you can use it to grab y-t videos.
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    I will just let you know how I do it, it may not be the complete solution that you are looking for though. I use php script to download a youtube video on the server(so no downloading to computer, ultra fast, depending on if you are on shared hosting or VPS or dedi). Then using another php script, I open the video file in binary mode and just append an empty line at the end of video and overwrite it (yes it plays and don't get corrupted). Voila, you now have a unique version of the video (this can be checked by using a md5 checksum utility, if you want). Now using another php script (that is based on official youtube api), you upload the new unique version of video to your account.

    How this is automated? I just add the video ids that I like in a DB. The php script download and make unique version automagically by running regular cron jobs and checking for the new video ids. The other upload script also run on cron and will upload new videos to your accounts (you can add multiple accounts and private proxies assigned to each account).

    I haven't checked it though, but I think if you append 2 empty line, it would create another unique version (in terms of md5 checksum), but don't know if it will play correctly or not. You can check that by downloading a small video from youtube on your computer. Open it in notepad (I prefer notepad ++) and add an empty line at the end, save it. Play it. Then again edit it and add another empty line and check if it plays this time or not. If it does, then you know what you have to do to create unlimited unique version of the video. Just go on adding empty lines at bottom (only if it plays). Hope that helps
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    can you tell me your PHP scripts?

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    Is the PHP script custom made or you bought it from someone??