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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by DavidM19, Dec 12, 2014.

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    Hey Guys,

    I don't post on here too much but I do lurk here a lot, I figured i'd share something I found out recently.

    So I just had a post that was an infographic, the post has no written content on it besides the posted infographic which is an image.

    The site it was posted on has a lot of authority.

    Anyway, I posted it on reddit and it quickly went viral, it received over 100,000 visitors in one day from reddit which is far more traffic then the site has ever received, suddenly it got tons of shares all over Facebook, it didn't really gain any backlinks though.

    Within 3 days it was ranking for over 50 keywords as checked in SEMrush, it looks like most of the keywords were variants of the title tag I had for the post.

    Anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone has seen anything like this, it's a few weeks later and the post has dropped off for a lot ofo the keywords, could a high velocity of social shares, or a high velocity of traffic increase rankings?

    I just wanted to see if anyone else had any thoughts.
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    Interesting. I can't verify what you've said definitively but I've noticed positive changes in rankings with even rudimentary social media usage coupled with traditional link building (traditional being PBN). Now it's impossible to say 'it was social media' because I'm using PBN links or likewise 'it was just the PBN links' because I'm coupling it with social media but I do notice very positive results when I couple both. I suppose a test along the lines of two identically aged domains with related content types, identical keyword density, with the same link profiles, one with social media and one without...I haven't done this myself but maybe someone else here has?

    What you're saying certainly makes sense in terms of the growing trend in people's internet browsing habits. In order for Google to remain relevant it conceivably has to keep up with how people consume information, i.e if something is popular on Facebook or Reddit, then Google would want to rank it well because naturally other people are going to want to find it. If Google were to neglect social media shares and were not able to prominently display information that is 'in vogue' on social media it would quickly lose out on user numbers because people can no longer find what they want.

    My suspicions are that people 'in the know' as it were, will be keeping this information under wraps much like PBNs and 301's were before they became overexploited and then heavily targeted by Google. Rankings will never fully shift from inbound links but maybe social media bot networks will be the new PBN networks...maybe they already are.