Social proof on the landing page: 6 Tips from monsters

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    Let's talk about the latest and most popular of the weapons of influence in the marketing - of social proof.

    In fact, scientists began to speak about the importance of public opinion for the user much earlier. So, back in 1950, the great economist, born in the USSR, Harvey Leibenstein first mentioned the world famous bandwagon effect. In short, the essence of the effect is as follows: the consumer tends buy something, that buy another people.


    Almost every internet marketer discusses today the Bandwagon of Mr. Leibenstein and social proof of mr. Cialdini. It's simple: Visitors of selling pages –are the same consumers of goods and are guided by public opinion. Here's how to use it on your Landing page.

    Tip 1. All rely on the figures

    As you remember, specifics is very important for the visitor. Any number in your proposal – it`s best friend. Price, time indicators, the time limit of the action - all these numbers confirm the claimed benefits. From the point of view of social proof, the best numerical indicator is the number of your customers. For example, in the category of legal services.

    Tip 2. Reviews? Cases!

    Significant minus of reviews is that many of the visitors simply want to see the actual product or service for which a review was made, they want to see how the client's problem was solved, they want a photo confirmation.

    That is why we recommend to use cases. Case - is essentially a mini-Landing page within your page, it`s a story about a particular client specific situation. It is based on a similar structure: just starts with a header, contains the benefits, covers objections and often calls for action.

    Tip 3. I know always where I can find you!

    Or, do not forget to show on the page your address and map. Literal social proof of your existence. On the map, you can use a lot of interesting pieces: a link to the route, a business card, "a route from the metro."

    4. Invite you to visit us

    This social proof is only suitable if you have a normal office, and not just the legal address. It is normal (but rather "cozy") office must be nice to capture and upload photos to your landing page. Better yet, if "qualified personnel" or "satisfied customers" will be in your "comfortable office". Like here:


    Tip 5. More about "qualified professionals"

    Actually it`s important everywhere, but especially important in the subjects related to medicine or health - show the visitor a doctor / specialist who will treat / maintain him. Even better, if you confirm
    the qualifications of your company by certificates, licenses, etc.


    Tip 6. Customers / Partners

    If you have clients or partners, whose logo people will recognize everywhere - we are dealing with the Veblen effect, in which the priority indicative consumption of status goods. Simply put: Display known clients or partners on the page, if they do not mind. Required.


    1) Social proof - a popular tool among internet marketers. The effect of the bandwagon is also reflected in The economy.

    2) Social proof can be used on your landing page in a variety of forms:
    - Use numbers (eg, number of customers);
    - Make informative cases;
    - display location map;
    - also add a photo of your Office (if you have one and it is not a shame to show);
    - Show a team of specialists and certificates / licenses of your company;
    - Do not be afraid to show off with your famous clients.
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