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    Oct 10, 2008
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    Here's something that came to my mind..

    If you go to social networking section, right now for example, half of the first page threads are "digg me, i'll digg back". Or stumble friends or something like that.

    Have nothing against those threads, have participated myself as well and it's really good way to share diggs! But can this be somehow separated into maybe a totally new section or some other mechanism to make this more efficient? Many of those threads are ENDless and the search for content to digg in order to get digged back and tracking all this is impossible.

    I know about sites like etc... But it's really different thing. I don't have the perfect solution, but if anyone has an idea how to make this thing more efficient than having half of the threads in that section about digging each other, please comment below. I think this would improve the readability of that section plus offer a nice service for digg traffic hunters here.