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I liked this move. What about having a "Grey Hat SEO" section? White Hat and Black Hat are two extremes, IMHO best money making methods are Grey Hat!
Ain't no such thing as "grey hat"... That is just what you tell yourself to feel better.
Youtube is where? :)
Still under "making money" for the moment.
Good move
And remove that Myspace section too
I started a thread back in 2014 in that section (which is still at the top of it) asking if the members here thought it still deserved a dedicated section. Some of the responses are blank now, but you can read it if you want:
This week, we've moved our Social Media section and given it a sub-forum of its own.

This has been a long time coming. Keeping Social Media within the Black Hat SEO sub-forum hasn't felt right for while. Social Media is such a massive part of IM, it makes sense to give the discussions their own space, rather than lumping them in under Black Hat or White Hat techniques.

Take a look at the shiny new Social Media sub-forum:

What do you think of the move? Are there any other sections that you think deserve their own sub-forum?

Great move :) btw @Don't Panic I really like your username :)
This was a good move. I'd absolutely love to see a Traffic Generation AND an Automation / Botting Forum. Discussion, sales, etc.

Keep up the great work. It's much appreciated.
I think MySpace should be replaced with Youtube. It even has a sub for Weibo not reddit. Well I don't about reddit but I think Youtube should move to social sub forum.
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