Social media = nofollow. Should this still be tier one?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ampix0, Feb 11, 2013.

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    I am starting my first actually journey to rank SEO and make some money with a CPA site I completely custom designed and coded. I need to get some legitimate traffic and I feel like SEO is the best natural way to get people to start this to get a viral social exchange.

    I am pinging all of the social media sites I posted this link on. Only to really notice that all social medias like Pinterest have no-follow on. So should I really spend my time building links to these for backlink authority?

    Not to mention, these links are never going to have tons of upvotes on reddit, or lots of repins. And if they did, it would be with a paid service, nothing that would most likely lead to legit traffic.
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    I personally have seen a correlation with a strong social media presence and a boost in overall site authority. But that is strong; the posts got a lot of attention and likes/comments/shares from legitimate legitimate people. I think that the google bots can crawl public profiles like those on Facebook and they can crawl the amount of likes and such on it, it must to some degree. But if you're just aimlessly posting? I doubt it. I know very little about fake social media marketing but look into purchasing likes/comments etc.

    In terms of it being no-follow, well, I have two thoughts. Firstly, no-follow links do seem to do good. If you get a quality no-follow link it DOES seem to count as many people have discovered. But low-quality no-follow links? Ehhhh, but a lot of people swear by them as having a similar effect as do-follow. My second thought in regards to this is that it is very likely that the algorithm distinguishes between different TYPES of links. The bots Google sends out have the power to crawl and process text. Well, there is no reason why they wouldn't separate social sharing links from other sorts of backlinks. It is likely got its own internal scale as part of the algorithm.

    A safer tier-1 link would be a general web 2.0 property. So go with blogs, basically. If you want a more sophisticated strategy, create quality tier-1 blogs that you actually update.
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    Windmill raises some very good points. Even if a link from a social media property does not provide the same benefit that a do follow link would, its still a link that gets your site exposure and that someone could potentially follow to find your site. Nofollow links also help to diversify your backlink profile. Google takes note of backlink profiles and natural ones have nofollow links in them. If your profile only has do follow links or a substantial proportion of them are, this could raise a red flag.

    Here is a good post on nofollow links and how they can still be beneficial,

    Hope that helps,

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    thanks for interesting question and information.