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    This job requires that you have an extensive social media network, not that you have the skills to drive people to the site via social media marketing.

    I want you to promote the site in the same way you would promote anything to your friends and contacts on platforms such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    The job has a low initial payout -- $5 -- but a potential payout of $2,500.

    The payout would be $25,000 for the person who nominates the winning company and $2500 to the person who refers that person.

    So, it's in your interest to promote this to people you know.

    If you have a strong social network, you can earn a little money just by posting the way you normally do to friends, coworkers and family.

    I would like to hire 10 people for this job.

    If you're interested, please tell me about your social network. I don't need to know how you would generate fans or followers, just whether you can tell your own followers about the site.

    You can check out the site at GiveMeYourWorst -- You can also check it out on Facebook --Save a Company.

    The client is a group of investors who want to rescue the worst company in America. They're doing it for publicity and are offering $25,000 to the person who chooses the winning company. (a company seriously at risk of closing or laying off most of its employees.)

    If you know of a company in need of rescue, you can simply nominate it yourself.

    Or, you can promote it on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, and if your efforts lead to the winning company, you will get $1750, -- 10 percent of the $25,000 your contact on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook earns.

    I don't want anyone to work purely for speculation, so I will consider bids of up to $5 to promote the site. If you're among the winning bidders (I will choose up to 10 now, more later if this works) you will get paid the agreed-upon bid no matter what.

    If you'd like to be considered, please include in your bid, the number of friends/fans/followers you have on the social media platforms and what you will do to promote.

    If you have any questions, please ask.