Social Media Management- How To Find More Leads and Clients?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by Princesstambam, May 13, 2013.

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    Hey everyone, it's Princesstambam again. I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions/posting too many threads, but I have so many questions and couldn't really find the answer by searching the forums. So my question today is how do I find businesses to offer social media management/consulting to? So far, I've started by searching out local Craigslist ads, and have about 3 clients. I'm very happy about that, but I'm desperate to scale up. My company has an okay presence on FB, twitter, and linkedin. I'm just wondering how I should approach this? Should I email a bunch of businesses who don't have social media? Or should I email those who are on it, but who just don't have a strong presence. Or should I only communicate with them through social media? Lol okay, I hope you get the picture. Any help would be very appreciated and I will be eternally grateful.