Social Media Journey to 10$/day- A noob's journey

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    Hello guys, I am from Kathmandu,Nepal.And i doubt if there are any other Nepali present in this forum.Anyways,this is my first post in the Journeys thread although I have been checking the journey threads for a couple of weeks now and the posts here have inspired me a lot.So, through this inspiration I plan to start my own little journey here and share some stats with my dear BHW members as well learn a lot from the veterans out here.

    So,as the title suggests my journey evolves around social media sites. I plan to get traffic to my site through different social media like facebook,twitter,tumblr,stumbleupon,reditt,instagram and finally pinterest and monetize the traffic to my site and earn at least 10$ everyday.Also, as I know a bit about SEO and such stuff,so it would be a bonus.

    Btw, my niche is Non-nude,softcore pics(like hot girls,models etc)

    Here's the couple of things I already have:
    1. Facebook page with 11k likes- Although I bought likes,but with more likes there is also great probability to get real likes in my page fast.
    2. Twitter page with 10k likes- Bought the likes, but now I will search popular twitter pages in my niche and follow other fellow members there so they will follow me back as well(seeing I have lots of followers,lol).That way, i will have some real followes among some inactive ones.
    3.Tumblr blog- Have been posting regularly but haven't got much followers
    4.Pinterest- Created pinterest account just yesterday, and I plan to pin images there once my website is complete.
    5.Other social media accounts such as reditt,stumbleupon will be created in some days.
    6.A wordpress site with lots of pics,, also a very catchy and aged domain with lots of backlinks and good authority.
    7. Also I know a lot about how SEO works as I have managed lots of Seo and blogging sites before.

    Like I said in the title, I am a complete noob so any help regarding monetizing my site,getting more followers in the social media sites etc would be greatly appreciated.Also, what ad sites do you suggest for my softcore pics?? I just know 1,juicyads.

    Also, although I do not plan to use any proxies(and just maintain one account in each of above social media sites),but any tips regarding auto commenting,auto posting bots will be considered for my journey.

    I plan to constantly update my journey to motivate myself from not giving up until I reach my goal,so stay connected as it would be a long journey,I think!!!;)