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Social media empire+diverse marketing+email list+shopify dropship=0-5-10k/mo

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by mercer123, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. mercer123

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    Aug 13, 2014
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    Im 18 yrs old in usa working an hvac and plumbing job at about 2500$ a month, i am expectong a daughter soon with my now fiancè.so ive been lurking around the forum for about a year now and today at work i created a rough jot of notes and basically the threads i am most inspired by are the franklin hatchett method besides the "free product" detail. I would be marking up my products. And i am also inspired by social media marketing as i have seen products such as mvmt watches be funded strictly from indiegogo and grew an organic customer base through social media and email lists. My goal would be to combine the two by dropshipping products from china such as bracelets etc, and markup the prices. First i would grow my audience on social media with fashion blogs then launch a product on a seperate account. Or insteads of following the franklin hatchett method i could continue to grow my social media empire strictly and create partnerships with companies for marketing and sell shoutouts or build accounts for them. Not sure yet. I would also like to incorporate some type of seo strategy or pay for online reputation. I understand it is a bit confusing but i am stuck between picking one method or the other or strictly going with one. I am mostly interested in these methods because they are newbie friendly and have large profit margins if you put in the time money and effort. Here are my notes from today. Please provide feedback. Thanks
    P.s. My goal is to launch and brand my own product such as watches and shoes and clothes etc., for low production costs but i do not know of any good manufactures, if you could provide suggestions for that too thatd be great

    Start by buying active instagram acct in fashion nice
    •setup business email+skype,kik,groupme
    •grow organically+ join promo groups
    •sell shoutouts
    •post scraped content
    •follow and DM fashion stores and offer shoutout pitches
    •continue to grow daily
    Then either
    -continue to grow , build more pages targeting different niches and offer pitches
    •build shopify site+chinese dropshipped products and markup and create sales funnel
    •build a wordpress social media company website and create network
    •send emails offering pitches
    •incorporate monteized methods such as cpa offers in squeeze pages, affiliate marketed products from clickbank, ppi, ppc banners etc.
    •inc seo tactics to rank in social media marketing niche
    •sell ebooks about social media marketing through clickbank?
    •create mylikes site
    And/or (insteads of shopify, use wordpress to incorporate "side monetization" such as ppc, cpc, cpa, etc.)
    -make own dropshipping site w/ shopify
    •create company site+ email
    •market through ig account,
    •hire team of promoters
    •send emails with email list
    •create twitter and facebook as well
    •maybe pinterest?
    •post adverts and create conversion pixels on facebook
    •test google adsense
    •sponsored tweets + ig posts
    •market on forums
    •create shop app?
    If big enough growth, brand own product and fund on indiegogo or gofundme?
    Create partnerships? Outsource? Subcontract? Etc.
    Always room for growth
    +once big enough for employees
    •hire vp who handles half the work
    •you fulfill role as accountant, legalities etc
    * You handle 1/3 and vp handles 2/3 of clients and portfolios