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    Social media + metrics
    Hi everyone,
    I consider myself a good organic Social media planner, atm i study a lot about growth hacking and things like that.

    I used to read a lot of posts here, looking for useful info.

    I see a lot of paid stuff, someday will test then all, but still researching for free tools or organic strategies.

    If anyone need social media help, or stuff like that, contact me :)

    Will try to be active here, still learning a lot.

    I impress some posts to read when im not on pc or when im at subway, im this serious, but still a newbie.

    I rlly love this black hat world forum, feels like home to a curious man like me, this is what made me post on a platform i don't use anymore such as "forum".

    Well i guess we are part of something, hope soon i can help u guys with something.

    Actually i have a growing Facebook page about Light Food (personal for tests, still failing a bit.)

    Thank you for your attention.

    Sorry about my bad english.