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Feb 1, 2010
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Social Bookmark Sites Manual Submissions
â–ºSubmit your site / blog / video / web 2.0 property / etc. to 300 of the highest quality social bookmarking sites!
â–ºManual submission! We have a 10 people strong team that is available for work!
â–ºWith our service you can get indexed in Google in 1 hour!
â–ºWe submit do Digg, Reddit, Mixx, Propeller and all the major social bookmarking sites, not worthless scuttle and pligg sites.
â–º Spyntaxed submission to minimize footprint!
â–ºYou'll get instant recognition for your new site / service / product!

300 PR9-PR0 Social Bookmark Sites - $10
Bulk Order Discounts!
5x - $9 / submission
10x and above $8 / submission | this is for same URL resubmission or 5-10+ different URLs also!

You'll receive an Excel Spreadsheet containing social bookmarking site and URL where you can check your link!

How to Order?
Please send your orders in PM or to info at wyzomarketing dot com!
We'll need:
- Title (max 60 characters, include your keyword!)
- Description (max 110 characters, can be anything about your site)
- Tags (max 50 characters, include 2-3 of your target keywords!)
If you cannot supply these we'll come up with something for your site, don't worry.

No adult, no warez, no illegal sorry.

3 FREE REVIEWS Available (Only Jr.VIP and Above!)
OP provided a review for me, this was delivered quickly and with the results I expected.

He is also offering JrVIP upwards reviews.

Thread approved.
Considering you are new to the board, can I have a review? When complete, I will give honest review.
I will review this for you. Please check my posts and
Sorry a0rta & RalphyBoy, only members with 1000+ posts or min. JrVIP. I hope you can understand. :shysmile:

nimbus49 got a review copy, only 2 left!
Thanks for the review....looking forward to your services!
suntuu & BlackSeng got the free review copies!

No more free review copies guys sorry!

Looking forward to your orders!
Just Paid for this service and I am really impressed.

- Super fast turn around, an hour or so from start to finish

- Excel spread sheet so I can check what has been done (I've check and it has been done)

- Probably one of the best things I've spent money on.

I knew what I was getting and I got it fast. Nice to see, a rare thing to get just what you paid for and get it fast. Keep it up.
Ok.. I didn't get any free review copies. I also think the 1000+ post limit was to set a little bit too high limit. How many members (even Vip's) have that..? And for my count of some 200 posts isn't much at all. It was a lot more before the CS section was taken away and with that a big part of my post count lowered.

Nevertheless... still wanted some bookmarks done so I had to pay for it instead. :(

I normally don't bother to thank and give reviews when I have paid for a service as I did pay for it and therefore I have no need to either thank or give cred but I can do exceptions if the service was good and this one was. [I also want to give a helping hand as he's new here and it's not too easy to get going here on BHW in the beginning].

$10 for 150 bookmarks is a fair price I think unless you are into spamming the shit out of your niche but then you should probably go for Xrumer or some other blog spammer instead (which do cost a lot). For us, I assume that there are several here that just like me, have some niche sites but rarely the need for getting tons of back links per day.

Either we can do it the hard way... Bookmark manually or we can do it the easy way by using some bookmarking program like SENuke. The problem as I see it with both of these options is 1. The time it will take if doing it manually. 2. Buying SENuke will cost $97 per month which is too much money considering the need for back links I have. If I had gone for some other software like Bookmarking demon I would still have had to pay $147.

I can't talk for all of you guys here but $10 for 150 back links (actually I did get more then 150 which is a +) is cheap. I guess I would need to spend some $30 - $40 in total for my site and preferably spread out over some 2-3 months of time.

I don't know how WyzoMarketing bookmarked this but if I had been doing the same amount of links in SENuke it would still had taken some time.

I paid, got a spreadsheet with links back in hardly any time at all. If WyzoMarketing keep delivering like this I can recommend he's service and I will buy more as well.

I've checked some of the links and they look all legit too :)

I don't tell anyone to jump on this and buy it. That decision has to be up to each and one thinking of buying but I did get an awesome fast delivering and I'm satisfied. I think it was well spend $10 and that's why I made my review. Nothing more nothing less.

WyzoMarketing >> Keep delivering like that and you will get rep as well as happy clients here.
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