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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by lewi, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Okay this just popped into my head while talking to a friend who wanted to increase his site rankings for some keyphrases and really doesnt know too much and has previously hired people or just brought links on related sites.

    But he has only just used social bookmarking.

    So my question....

    With social bookmarking (this may sound silly) but are you only allowed to submit your site once to each... as i was thinking he could submit the inner pages that are keyphrase rich for X phrase.... and submit his site like 10 times to the same bookmarking site but just with different pages in the link and different keyphrase in the title and description....

    Im sure this is a stupid question and you can but also how many times in a day or week before the bookmarking site gets pissed off :p lol

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    As for how many times, it depends on the sites, content published etc.

    You can submit your inner pages.. Social bookmark sites want content published so you can say they even prefer inner pages.

    For example, I made inner page targeting 1 keyword and optimized that page for it and build anchored links to that inner page and now that inner page is ranking very good.

    But don't push it, soc. bookmarking sites will find out, google will find out if you do it too much. Remeber the rule for buliding links, do it slowly over time and diversify. Don't just make social bookmarking links. You can use free blogs, social bookmarking, social news sites, even put a link in profile on a lot of the social news sites. But don't stop there, try building links with blog commenting and article submissions. Download Article Post Robot and use it to submit to many art. sites. If you all this you can very good results. But if you make 20-30 bookmarks all at once you'll get penalized because that is not natural in Googles eyes.
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    if you are bookmarking inner pages of your website then it can be easily and effectively done to the same list of bookmarking sites and it helps in targetting inner pages and building back links too


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    I think the main question has been answered. However, the jury is out on whether marking sites help with SEO. They certainly bring traffic. But whether Google counts the anchor text into PR and rankings is uncertain. I have used marking extensively: manually, semi-automatic (socialmarker), automated (bookmarking demon), and outsourced a few K work. I have not seen significant returns SEO wise; traffic, yes. And deep-linking subpages, it seems that you're after SEO benefit but i could be wrong.
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