Social Bookmarking and Networking Expectations

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    Noob here. In your opinion, what are realistic expectations with Social Networking and Bookmarking? I am trying to understand this stuff as I have seen lots of great sites with solid PR and the need for visibility resulting in traffic.

    So here is another question, if I have one article and post it on my site how would I distribute it in the social world? I have tried SENuke and didn't like it for social networking/media. Now I see BMD and its advocates.

    Where do the RSS Feeds for these bookmarks and RSS Mix fit in with the aggregators list that has been published?

    Again, the one article created and posted to say...a blog. Distribute to Social Networks like Wetpaint, Zimbio, etc. and then what 300+ bookmark sites? Then take the bookmark sites RSS Feeds and convert to RSS Mix and then submit to all of the Top RSS Aggregators?

    What are the expectations for traffic from this one article supposed to be? Say the keyword is TV Shows or something popular like that.

    Thanks everyone. Obviously, I am overwhelmed on the subject!!
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    Wonder-y Read your post and your trying to run before you can walk, here'sa few tips.....

    As your in a blackhatforum asking the guys here to train you is unlikely to happen as they are into there own thing so l think you had better get back to the basics and master them one at a time thats the only way to stop you being overwelmed by information overload.

    Your post title is actually a very very good name for an article that explains everything you and others need to know and to apply to social networking which is different from bookmarking.

    There is too much to try and tell you in a single ebook never mind a single post but your request for information is probably one of the best questions that has never been answered in the forum as we move into 2009 the importance of learning social networking should become a prioity for you...why?

    Every man and his dog are beating a path to the searh engines door learning about the basics of seo and linking to try to capture a few coverted positions of page one on the search engines and as you will know by now its easier said than done.

    Whilst the search engines do have a lot of traffic, compared to web 2 and social networking the search engines are like tiny bugs chasing their tails, so yes an informed person would and should be learning how to use social networking to drive unlimited traffic to their main hub page which then should lead to your main money sites.

    The more you network the more money you will make. Drop me your email address in pm and l will send you some pdf's that will show you how to do it.
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    :) I think the approach toward successful marketing on social networking sites and social bookmarking sites has some common elements.

    1) You need to contribute to and communicate with the community.... preferably regularly or at least on a somewhat frequent schedule.

    2) Perhaps in these social network places, if your communication and contributions have value and quality and especially if the information fulfills the needs of your fellow members (e.g. your friends or people in the group etc.), you can then gain credibility and a nice following :) With credibility and a nice following, I believe it would be possible to then influence and persuade your network to perform certain actions that you desire (e.g. visit a website, sign up to a newsletter, etc.)

    3) With the benefit of (1) and (2) and depending how large a "network" of people you've managed to build up, perhaps you can then "convert" or "persuade" a percentage of these folks perform the actions that you want, i.e. visit your website -- > equals to traffic generated. I think the key element is "network"... people won't join or wont' stay in your "network" if they don't benefit from the network.

    Besides just traffic generation, Dave Evans; who is the author of Social Media Marketing An Hour A day, also mentioned that you can create awareness and also "listen" on these platforms. Of course, when you create awareness and "listen" and talk with potential or existing customers, that can also contribute to more traffic. One way must just be to say ..."I thought perhaps this "issue/problem/fear" could be solved using method blah blah blah.. and oh by the way (made famous by Frank Kern), did you know about this website that might have a solution/answer ...".

    Just my 2 cents worth of babbling :)

    Oh, and yes you're right. There are so many web2.0 platforms, for content, networking, collaboration that it might be confusing as to where you can start and what might work best. Perhaps

    1) Choose 2 or 3 of these sites first,
    2) Join, interact, contribute and communicate,
    3) Build credibility and trust before attempting to influence.
    4) Persuade to perform the action so you get the traffic
    5) Track your traffic, progress and conversions.

    Looking forward to other folks sharing their thoughts too, please :p

    Cheerio :)

    P.S. May I please have the pdfs also? Err.. or maybe I'll PM you :)
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    Listen to these guys. Start with the basics. There are a lot of considerations to this. I am still learing. It is an ongoing and non-stop process, as the game keeps changing.
    Nothing more to say, just follow the previous posts.