>>>So, you want to make money? Time for a WAKE UP CALL!<<<YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTION?

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    I tend to stay away from social media these days just because it seems like more and more people just complain on it. Think about how much time people waste posting status updates about how unhappy they are or how they want a "change" in their life.

    Here are 3 that I saw JUST THIS MORNING:

    "Ahhhhh I hate my job. I wish I was rich!!!"

    "Praying that 2013 brings me better luck :/"

    "Different day same shit"

    My response to these people: 1. Then quit and do something you love - create your own wealth, 2. You make your own luck and 3. The only thing keeping you in the same rut is YOU!

    So this got me thinking...

    With New Year's right around the corner I want to know this:


    • What are you going to do differently in 2013?
    • What are your immediate goals?
    • What is something you are going to work on to help reach a long term goal?
    • What is your top FINANCIAL goal for 2013?
    • What is your top PERSONAL goal for 2013?

    There are so many opportunities in this world...and regardless of what you think, we ALL have the same opportunity to "make it"

    Stop Making excuses
    Stop looking for the easy way out
    Write down your goals and do not stop until you REACH and EXCEED them!

    I recently posted a thread about a method I used and some results...after doing that I received several PM's over the days asking "how do I do this" etc...but I got 8 PM's that said: "Show me your site so i can copy it and make money" - I was BLOWN AWAY! I could not believe that people could possibly be THAT LAZY!

    But, hey the world needs lazy people...if everyone was motivated then there wouldn't be anyone to fill the jobs at McDonalds or the Dump.

    So, do you want to be the CEO or the janitor?

    Only ONE person can determine that...and it is YOU.

    I hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.

    2013 is the year for you to shine. We all have it within ourselves to make it happen - you just need to have the WANT and DESIRE to tap that inner energy and follow through.

    Now, let's hear what all of YOU have planned for 2013!! Discuss away...
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