So what's the deal with situations like these?

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    Google ranks
    #1 (1000 referring Domains)
    #2 (Which has 1 referring domain)
    #3 (Which has 1 referring domain)
    #4 (Which has 1 referring domain)
    #5 (40 referring domains)

    Extra Notes: (400 referring domains)

    Now why does google rank the first 4 with the same keyword on top of #5? Does a strong EMD completely outweigh all other factors? Seems so.

    Granted the EMD pages have strong on-page seo for the Exact match - but no referring pages.

    IE: Title - Frequently Asked Questions | EMD

    At what point will #5 page be able to take the #2 spot, 1000 referring domains?
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    Jul 17, 2012
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    Rankings like this typically appear for brand searches, meaning that Google seems to see searches for EMD as brand searches, not keyword searches. Rarely happens if EMD is a generic keyword, but hard to beat. 1000 referring domains is a huge number, if we aren't talking about spammy stuff, but stronger links.

    In general the formula "#X has Y referring domains, so to outrank #X I need Y+Z referring domains" is wrong. It's not about numbers, but strength and relevance.