So what would you guys do with this?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by honeyandthemoon, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Hi guys

    Firstly, I hope this doesn't come across as some guy wanting to leech off your knowledge, because I respect people's knowledge here a great deal and would never want to abuse that. After all, you inspired me to go for this in the first place but now I'm a little stuck when it comes to taking it up a notch (so technically, it's your fault! ;) ).

    I have a Twitter themed Wordpress blog that I am self-hosting, which does Twitter software news, Twitter news, polls and more which contains affiliate links and banners scattered around, which have been getting a few clicks but I'm wanting to monetize it more but still keep it quite subtle, ie. keep the people who come for the free reviews happy, so they'll hopefully purchase something, but at the same time try and make a decent little bit of money from it. I'm not saying hundreds upon hundreds, I don't expect that...I'm just wondering what you guys would do with it.

    I already have a YouTube account, am using YouTube Jumpstart on the videos to get them high on search terms, I have a Twitter account which is updated every hour or so (for now) by Tweet Adder and I submit my articles and YouTube videos to Digg. But I want to take it further. I haven't done much SEO with it other than using the Wordpress SEO Plugin (All-In-One) and a few backlinks I've found scattered around BHW.

    So any suggestions would be helpful, as this is my first time at this. Again, I hope this isn't coming across as someone coming along for a free ride off you guys, I'm just looking for some suggestions as to what some of you more experienced guys would do with it. I hope I've not been too vague.

    Thanks for any help :)
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    I would probably Adsene that type of thing... No one is really trying to push any CPA into that field other than the twitter follow/adder.