So what now ??? Post 24 considerations and questions.

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    After april 24 I ve been looking and analyzed SERPS until this moment . My eyes hurt and I m tring to understand what criteria this algorithm is using to rank a website instead of another and the result of my research is : they didnt use any criteria ... or at least they are using an algorithm that is damaging the user experience for sure. To me it looks more like they want to refresh the websites that were on top before, I can't find any other logical eplenation. I m really tring to understand what will be next .. since I m not sure that building a quality website with quality content and with quality links will be enough to rank and stick there on the top. When I look at top ten position in my niches I just can notice a bunch of crappy websites . Some of those websites have no content and they builded really spammy links ... my question for you all is : what kind of website we should build now ? A quality website or hundreds of spammy MNS ??? I m confused and for the first time after 10 years in this business I think I will drop SEO and search for new traffic sources. Thank you and sorry for my grammar.
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    I think that what seems to be widely working are diverse anchor text links from within unique articles on web 2.0s.
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    Have you ever thought about....oh, maybe testing a few things?

    I like to test. In fact, when I was a kid I couldn't wait until test day. When I was a teenager I couldn't wait until history class, but that was only because I sat in front of a blonde and next to a brunette. But in that class, as well, I liked the tests.

    To this day I enjoy a good test...a "Google Test", I call it. I even have a folder on my computer named "Google Tests". It's where I build all my tests and keep track of what I do. All the files are in there.

    I have a little saying, and it relates to SEO in general but to testing very much in particular. My motto is this: "Whenever possible, make Google do all the work."

    If you read one of my posts about building private networks, you'll know that I like to make Google pick my categories. I also make them do my tests.

    Without giving you every thing for free, just like that one girl I remember from highschool I'm just gonna give you a little bit. So think about this question: What could you do to test who, out of a given group of pages (not sites - pages) is ranking for a given keyword? Well maybe you could isolate all the variables save for one and then test that one variable.

    If you were testing something like that, you could find out which site(s) could be penalized, which one(s) actually has the best keywords, and which one(s) have the best content. (Well, you'd have to make one change at a time to isolate those last two factors.)

    All you have to figure out is how to make up the test, but once you do that you can gain a great deal of insight into what's happening for a given set of search results.

    It's so simple to do a test like that, but anywhere from 89.4% to 99% of SEOs will never ever do it. Instead, you know what they do? Listen to other SEOs (who also listen to other SEOs).

    [On an unrelated total side note, I wonder if I could get a working Google Search Appliance anywhere. I wonder if eBay has any? Seriously this is just something I thought of while I was in the shower looking at the shampoo ingredients. I mean, it would be cool if it used similar algorithms and I could use it to perfect content for my sites to see how the Appliance ranks each page. Just an idea, I don't know if it would work though.]