So what is the best thing to do at this mooment?

Aug 14, 2008
I wonder what should I focus on right now? Economical crisis+google changes+clickbank glitches...this is all making me quite confused. If I just try creating keyphrase optimised mini-sites (blogs, lenses, hubs, etc..), how can I know that I will rate good if google will drastically change the whole rating system and articles and social bookmarking won't be as effective as they used to be?

I would like to start some sites/blogs for long term investment, but I am not sure what strategy should I best apply to them. Tips?
Looking at your sig you done like clickbank anyhow....

but there are still what 6 more months of money earning to have with the current google.... focus on msn and yahoo and the smaller search engines if you want... then for google just go for very light competition and dominate that so you get traffic and use varied methods... then your safe :)
Easy just do what I do . Do not worry about it and have fun with what you are doing . If you are not enjoying what you are doing than rankings money all that other stuff is pointelss. I guarantee small town boy that if you actually are doing this and enjoy doing this the rankings will take care of themsellves .
Oh, 6 more months? I was getting suspicious because for my country, I can already use the wikisearch, but I guess it's just some testing. Anyhow, you say - focus on yahoo and msn, but from what I understand these search engines have different seo tricks, which I don't know of. Also, I found small good niches/keyword phrases and created blogs with those names but they still haven't been indexed after 3 days even though I submitted to digg and pinged them.

Looking at your sig you done like clickbank anyhow....
Well, I am still hoping it will continue working, I even changed to a new account lol CB made me most money so far.
Economic crisis can work to your advantage. People are looking for bargains online, especially leading up to christmas. They don't want to head into town and dredge through the high street stores.

As sh1tty as they are, and with my "not knowing much else" at the minute i think you can make a fairly good profit from epn. I've got a few phpbay stores up and am just starting to apply black hat methods to gain some traffic. Seem to be doing well for little effort.

Of course anything that doesn't require visitors to open their wallet will be better. CPA sites is something i'm just starting to learn about so more experienced people will be able to advise better.
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