So what does google really want??

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    The Panda/Farmer update has kinda messed with my earnings. Not totally but significantly. I've been noticing a lot of autoblogs, and scraped content has taken over some of the niches I'm in. I'm just thinking that its not that those sites are preferred by google, but the sites that they replaced were NOT preferred by google. So they probably took the place of sites who were getting backlinks from articlebase and other article directories.

    NOW, they question is this: For future sites are you going to still fill it up with unique articles? Even though googles new algo doesn't like article sites? Has it now become more of a game of link quality than straight rather up content volume?

    Can we still create big niche information sites or will google not rank you because it seems think that sites with lots of articles are low quality.
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    Stick with good content... the panda update is still new and iam sure they will be working on it...

    and as far as Ranking of sites that are not preferred by google is concerned..

    have a look at sites like or ... no content just intermediary linking sites, getting huge traffic from google.. its ironic but its the bitter truth
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