so this is how you make money blackhat way

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    you "assign" yourself a news channel. we have all the channel 2, 3, channel 11 news, etc and there are a lot of un-used "slots." Let's say you call youself channel 8 news. this gives you the authority.

    create 2 images of the "anchors" of your news organization, with names of course. use the colors of nbc or abc logo for your logo like blue/white/red.

    now you broadcast your news: Google is now hiring in your area... they will pay you to work from home. To be convincing, this has to be very local - geo-targeted - call out the name of town you live in! of course you show some checks with some enticing amounts. you get even more authority using Google. they had to kinda blur out the G logo a bit. ha.

    Comment on your own report, some ask questions, some give answers.

    add some "get details" links in your "news," which of course brings up your CPA offer.. perhaps some simple submits.

    run a CPV campaign that pop up a full screen. (i just cleaned my computer and i am sure i do not have all the CPV companies adware installed.. so dont know how in the hell this can pop out!)

    i am pretty sure this is going to work, but i am not sure i have to be this shady to make money.
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