so the rest is all about hunting backlinks..?

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    Jan 12, 2008
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    To make it myself clear, isn't the basic SEO done like this (and should be applied to every single website or blog I setup):

    I have a blog about a certain niche. And I wan't search engine traffic to be as my main traffic source, so naturally I wan't to rank high on google SERP. And I already know the keywords that I wan't to rank high on. Now heres what I've done already:

    1. I've put relevant, interesting content on my blog. And adding it everyday.

    2. I've used the keywords I wan't to rank high as a title of my blog.

    3. I've used the same keywords and few other related kw's in my meta description (I'm using All-In-One-SEO plugin for wordpress by the way)

    4. And again, using the same keywords as my meta keywords.

    And then, the rest is just getting those sweet backlinks and not just from any site, but from trusted and quality sites... and of course adding fresh content as often as possible..

    Isn't this the way for search engine traffic?
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    i think thats pretty much it

    but i suppose the part where pretty much everyone(yours truly included) lose out is PATIENCE and PERSEVERENCE...

    thats tough....