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So, someone gamed Major League Baseball's All Star Voting Process

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by BassTrackerBoats, Jun 19, 2015.

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    This is pretty funny.

    From http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/b...-voids-60-million-asg-votes-article-1.2263747

    MLB voided 60 to 65 million All-Star Game votes over fraud concerns as Royals fans vote eight Kansas City players into American League lineup

    If you think something odd is going on with the voting for next month?s All Star Game ? with eight Royals projected to be in the starting lineup for the American League ? you?re not alone.

    Major League Baseball has voided 60 to 65 million votes amid fears of fraudulent or improper voting, Bob Bowman, the CEO of MLB Advanced Media, told Yahoo! Sports.

    ?I?m not saying we bat 1.000. But it?s between 60 and 65 million votes that have been canceled,? Bowman told Yahoo! Sports. ?We don?t really trumpet it because if someone thinks they?re getting away with it, they?ll try to do it again"

    The entire Royals infield ? first baseman Eric Hosmer, second baseman Omar Infante, shortstop Alcides Escobar and third baseman Mike Moustakas ? are currently in along with outfielders Lorenzo Cain and Eric Gordon, catcher Salvador Perez and DH Kendrys Morales. Hosmer has a 500,000 vote lead on Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera, Infante ? and his .228 average ? overtook Astros second bagger Jose Altuve in the voting this week and Escobar has the edge on Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias by nearly three million votes.

    This is the second time Infante has been a figure of controversy around the All-Star Game. In 2010, Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel picked Infante for his NL squad even though he wasn?t a everyday player for the Braves at the time.

    Bowman added that cancelling out 20 percent of ballots for the Midsummer Classic in Cincinnati is in line with same levels from years past. Fans are allowed to vote 35 times per e-mail address, so the voting limit is only limited to how many email accounts you have ? or how many you want to create.

    As of Monday, MLB had accepted more than 300 million votes and the record of 390 ballots cast is expected to be broken before the July 2 voting cutoff.

    Angels outfielder Mike Trout is the only non-Royal projected to start in the July 14 game at the Great American Ballpark.
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    people were probably all doing it without clearing all the proper cookies,changing mac address and ip address.
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