So Pinball unexpectedly dissapears... question for all the other Pinball affiliates

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by deviatus, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Did you guys have any word this was happening beforehand? I know they had legal troubles in the past, but as as far I know they've been good recently, talking about rate hikes..

    I do trust they will make money earned in June, they've never missed a payment for me, and they're are making that promise in the "going away" email.

    My AM didn't even know.

    Anyone know any good Pinball alternatives? They were pretty unique, and they allowed pretty much all traffic.

    Anyone can PM and I'll sign up under your. I know Adscend Media is still around, but they are fairly strict? Do they let torrent linking? I might have to just use CLP. But Pinball worked so well with having people downloading things. And you didn't have to worry about getting banned as long as your traffic is legit.

    Are there another other reputable pop-up/toolbar installer's now that PPN is gone?
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    I kinda of had an idea this was going to happen just because they stopped replying to my emails, as before they used to reply right away. That is why I stopped sending traffic.

    I got a email from my old AM at Pinball mentioning the new PPI company he was working at and to signup. I never signed up because that seemed kinda shady thing to do.

    If you want the URL you can check out for yourself, send me a PM.
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    Did you find already replacement for Pinball? I have some friends who run custom solution having same earnings as with Pinball.