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    self employed due to recent economic downturn. Los
    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to introduce myself and say that this is really a great site!.
    Im a real newbie, don't know the rules of the trade and need serious help.
    I have lot's of questions, hopefully not too stupid. I'm self employed now for no fault of my own. Worked for a another crook. I nedd to make some $$$ now because unemployment just doesn't cut it.

    i have a blog that I started with my own domain and I can write. Want to know which are the best affiliate sites to work with. I get merchandise and write about it or is it done another way? I'm confused..HELP...Much appreciated. If I can help u in anyway, I will reciprocate. I'm married to a top notch programmer that can help me or anyone out there.

    The Grapegoddess:)