So many roads to follow, which one is the best?

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    I've been into IM seriously since June 5th 2012 (trust me I kept track) and it's been a hell of a learning adventure.

    I'll be totally honest with everyone I didn't expect to get where I am today... I've been making a few grand a month passively with a few of my sites. (Sape + Gsa ser spam = $$$$)

    I keep talking to people who are way up higher on the "food chain" then me by networking on Facebook groups and through just random talks on BHW. I find that this has really boosted my income immensely. Just being around/talking to the power players puts my income into perspective of it not being a huge amount (even though where I live, I can easily live like a king).

    I keep talking to these guys and they all make huge amount of income and each is doing big things (scale) while at the same time doing totally different methods. Whether its spamming hardcore, emailing legitimately, building a business (and acquiring traffic/customers through Facebook ads), and it just blows my mind how the money is there...

    How do you guys pick the most lucrative method out there? I'm asking this because I see so many different options that its kind of sending me into "information overload".

    I stopped reading on bhw months ago and now only try to read motivational quotes from here.

    My favorite:
    From this thread

    It's honestly really simple what he says to do, but I feel like doing one method to the point of mastery will at one point in time become moot.

    I'd really appreciate a response from say my favorite guy: t0mmy and maybe a good troll/laugh from Mr. Ste Fishkin.

    Love you guys! :)
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    I would say, which do you enjoy the most? You may make $$$$ but may get exhausted and just leave the project, but if you enjoy the method you are doing, then you will be going a longer journey.

    I too am having a hard decision on what to stick to. I'm debating every day and ask myself if internet marketing is my thing. I recently used a framework and it helped me a lot. You should try it too.

    Tommy and BTB are my inspiration in IM. They are humble and continue to answer repeated questions to newbies. I was one too. Kudos to you guys.
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