So it seems that good content weights *A LOT* in terms of serp position..

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    I've been trying to do some studying with my own personal website
    while I'm trying to understand what are the most important factors
    when one is trying to get high rankings in G.

    My website is a WP blog built around my hobby and well over a year
    ago I wrote a tutorial -type of article which went to top positions
    in G for several long tail keywords related to my hobby and it has
    been in position 1 for one specific long tail for a very long time.
    Several months actually. With it, I get ok traffic via G every day.

    What's interesting here is that I've been studying my competitors
    website as well and in SEO-stat-vice they should outrank me with
    no problem!

    Here's a comparison to ONE of my competitor who is in position 3
    (number 2 is Yahoo answers). Below of that there's lot of other
    competitors as well with way better SEO-stats than my website and
    they should outrank me as well:

    My domain AGE: 1 year and a half
    My competitor: 9 years

    My PR: 1
    My competitor PR: 4

    Number of pages on my domain indexed within G: below 300
    My competitor: around 20,000

    External backlinks to this specific blog post of mine: 4
    My competitor: 149

    Total external backlinks to my domain: below 300
    My competitor: around 477,000

    Edu or Gov backlinks. Me: 0
    My competitor: 0

    Is my site in DMOZ directory: NO
    My competitor: YES

    Is my site in Yahoo directory: NO
    My competitor: YES

    Keyword in title. Me: YES
    My competitor: YES

    Keyword in URL. Me: YES
    My competitor: YES

    Keyword in description. Me: NO
    My competitor: NO

    Keyword in header tag. Me: YES
    My competitor: YES

    So, considering domain age, amount of page backlinks, amount
    of domain backlinks, DMOZ directory, Yahoo directory my
    competitor should outrank me easily (??) but why he's not
    outranking me?

    Could it be the quality of backlinks? Most of my domain backlinks
    are related to my hobby, but the few pagelinks I got to this
    blog post, aren't very related.

    Or could it just be because of the content? I checked some of my
    competitors content and I must say - and I'm not saying this to
    brag about it - that my blog post gives a lot more helpful insight
    to the searchers of this specific search term than my competitors.

    When I wrote my blog post, I didn't think any SEO, keywords, rankings
    or things like that. I just wrote it naturally and just tried to keep
    it related to the topic.

    So, with that said, it seems that good content weights significantly
    in terms of good ranking positions ???
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    On the surface your theory appears to make sense and your data seems to support it, but your data (what you presented here) is incomplete to really draw a solid conclusion from.

    You would also need to compare the content between your page and your competitor's for everything from word count to formatting.

    You say your post offers a lot more insight, which could suggest it's longer (higher word count) and could possibly include HTML tags which are receiving more weight than HTML tags on your competitor's page. Do you have lists while your competitor does not? How many h# tags on your page vs. your competitor's? Does either page include a blockquote, pre, code and other HTML tags? And so on...

    I'm not arguing that creating good content isn't a good idea, but bots and algo's have a mechanical nature to them in determining what "good" is, and I would think in comparing the content of the two pages in a more mechanical manner (forget terms like insight) it might lead you to a more accurate reasoning for the rankings that would be interesting to see and discuss.
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    Well, you must see two facts:

    When was the last ime your opponent site wrote this last content?

    2) You ropponent is form you same country? Google always prefer to show site from the same country of users. So you are in better position... in your country.
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    Google can become a complete mistery sometime
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    I do wonder at what level content freshness and "on page" keyword tuning play at in your example. I've seen stats like that where the difference is that the "little" page said the keywords 432 times and the "big" page said it 4 times so the "little" page won.

    If you follow some of my past threads you'll see that I use content tuning reports to explain the SERP order and offer suggestions for being competitive. If the page isn't properly tuned then it doesn't matter what other credentials it has. (With exception for blessed sites and the keywords they were blessed for.)
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    Ipopbb knows his stuff. I tested out his past observations regarding content tuning and was very pleasantly surprised. Definitely check out some of his older threads and do some tuning testing yourself!