so i'm looking through SEO offers on fiverr lololololololololololololol

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    GUys I was going to list a couple offers and make fun of them, but honestly they're all so pointless I'm not even going to. They are all unspecific, how do you know what you're getting for $20 "SEO package"? Why do people even buy these? Every consultant I know charges $499-1000/hr to plan SEO. How in the world can anyone do it for so cheap? I was going to dissect them and talk about the traits that you can already tell will make them unsuccessful, but nothing is given. It's like someone copied the warriorforum product strategy. The comments are all so paid for it's apparent most of them are not from actual buyers. Seriously can you just sell packages on there and people will buy them? For real there is no way that any of this stuff is helpful at all. There is a guy selling 2000 backlinks for $5. There is no way at all that will do anything but I'm close to buying it just to see what kind of garbage it is.