So I was testing something!! Here is the result.


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Apr 15, 2017
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You might have read my AMA POST! 1000 dollar one?

So here's a thing:

I added a link to the sidebar of my bhw profile; webminati one :)

I got a lot of clicks(1000s) from bhw only.

I am not selling anything on that page i was testing if a backlink and a huge traffic through it will change the rankings for:

"Amazon affiliate case study" ~ 13 (2-3 months)

Yup that posts rank for the above post and there are no internal links, no external links nothing I just got it as a guest post from my writer as he started out Amazon affiliate marketing recently.

I am at #5 after that AMA.

So posting on forums can help with traffic and help you rank :)

Most of the smart asses know this.

But I was just testing it.

So I will apply it to my money makers. Find a forum and do something viral on it.

That's how viral marketing can affect SEO folks :p

PS: Webminati is really a site which I opened in 2016 to celebrate my 1st success :p then left the guru shit after a post or 2 and grew more sites :) But I like the name and I intend to grow it further ;)
Nice share. Will be perfect when you compare results from viral post forum and dead post. I guess the first will do better.
So you have simply AMA tread, you got a lot of traffic to your profile and then to your website (that was in your profile as link) and after that your site has rank better?

Sorry but in Google there is no mention of : more traffic = a better ranking position
Sorry but in Google there is no mention of : more traffic = a better ranking position
There are a lot many things not mentioned in google but do come into consideration from time to time.
it comes as a common sense i guess when you actually understand the whole op's plan... But thanks op for posting it. :)
Thanks for sharing this! Everything looks good and really achievable. I'll definitely try this out. :)
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