So i own this auction software....

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by brookshire, Nov 4, 2008.

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    Sep 16, 2008
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    So I bought this auction software back in 2002 from rainworx.c0m
    rwAuction Pro is what its called. I bought it when it first came out for about 200 bucks. Back then it was a pretty decent piece of software with room for improvement. I never really did anything with it so I basically just forgot about it and let it sit there. Now 6 years later and MANY improvements, I realize that they give free updates to their software. They are now charging around $1,000 bucks for the script and I must say, it is pretty good.

    So enough rambling.... what do you guys think I should put on it? Obviously some sort of niche auction.... but what?
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    Nov 7, 2008
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    Egay is pissing everyone off, Take over the market. Offer a real affiliate program and take it old school ebay style...
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    Sep 29, 2008
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    Look, no offense, but asking for a niche around here might not be the best way to find one, if for no other reason than the fact identifying a niche is often the single hardest/most important part of an online endeavor. People who have found a new niche, or a new twist on an old one won't really talk about them until they are either a) played out, or b) they think that they can make even more money by bringing in others in one way or another.

    That being said, you have two main things to consider:
    1. Your users
    2. Your affiliates
    If your auction site does not appeal to anyone, it is done before it even starts, so it really needs to offer something that e3ay does not. It could be just about anything, but there needs to be a reason someone would want to use www . unknownauctions . com instead of e3ay.

    Once you have a compelling reason for people to choose you (whatever it is), you need to think about your affiliates, because they will drive people to your site. Set things up so that they can make money, and you will be swimming in traffic in no time.

    As a final parting thought, (especially since this is BHW), I would consider looking at all the things that people used to sell on e3ay, but that are banned now. Of those, eliminate all of the items that are likely to piss off Uncle Sam, and cross them out. Whatever you have left, is a list of things that people want to buy and sell, but which are banned on the world's largest auction site.

    Happy hunting.