SO.. I landed an in-house SEO job, doing it myself, for a 15 MILLION DOLLAR DOCTOR!

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    Just wanted to thank you for the success I've had with my hybrid marketing and the recurring income I have created by applying techniques with a twist found throughout these forums..

    Anyways, I just wanted some advice from the community; from the top level SEOers.. Now my game is good, and I've been able to generate enough leads to keep my clients satisfied in local SEO/rep. management -- HOWEVER, I am now doing this in-house for a plastic surgeon, who is ranking #8/7 overall (below the fold) for 3 of the top 9/10 relevant keywords we need to be on the first page first..

    My biggest competition is outsourcing to an agency in San Diego, and they are by the book WhiteHat SEO..

    The assets I have at my disposal are:
    • Twitter with 500 targetted followers (I have grown by 20 direct followers in 2 days time -- about 15 minutes of work)
    • Facebook Business Page with 1,160 Likes (I am not so great at Facebook, but have the biggest outreach they've had in weeks in just the two days I've been starting.
    • Doctors Personal Facebook page with 2k friends.
    • Constant Contact targetted opt-ins (roughly 4k emails through various lists for different "surgeries and operations")
    • Website generating about 200-300 uniques per day
    • $1,000 Pre-loaded visa at my disposal for ANY digital media/internet marketing purposes(Going to Adsense advertise on competition as they are doing it to him!)
    • LinkedIn presence of the Doctors name with over 500 connections.

    I am getting paid $30 an hour, with about 30 hours per week. I am looking (and we have agreed that once business picks up and he is making serious dough and consults coming from the net) for $50/hour - full time + benefits + all the perks of working with smoking hot babes and seeing playmates walk in and out all day. I feel very involved and enjoy going to the workplace (although my office setup will take a bit of time to my likings).

    Anyways, my current task is having 50-100 people RSVP for this "Celebrating Summer" party on May 30th where they are going to be having d'oeuvers & wine with raffles for free surgical and skin treatments, etc. as well as offering complimentary consults, etc. You get the picture.

    Today I utilized Facebook to re-blast the event; created a page on site with a capture form for RSVP so the office can follow-up with phone call; Blast e-mail list to roughly 4k opt-ins (had 175 opens within 10 minutes before I left with 25 clicks to various links, I believe 10 was to that RSVP page, at the time - Will see further results tomorrow); I then incorporated the flyer on facebook/twitter and added link to the capture form.. (I know not everybody will call to RSVP so if I get them to enter info - that's just more leads and can show them what I'm doing is working for THIS project. Doc has his first charity event in June at his house and will be doing this for him as well as soon as this is over.

    So you get the picture.. I am fixing the site and bulking up with some content, adding inner-link and learning G's new algorithm using the new context= or whatever the hell its called. meta snippets? I forgot, long day..

    Any who, I know for the keywords on Page 1 to boost them up going to need quality relative BL's - Can anybody on BHW help me out with that? And I will be working on bulking up with the other keywords we need ranked.. He owns about 75 domains that are ROCK SOLID for direct query searches.. I need to crush this competition FAST and start generating more business so I can get that pay-grade we all desperately want. (I'm content with $400 a day + benefits + company car while being able to run my own business and officiate college sports and be a single-father)..

    Anyways, please feel free to discuss my situation and offer any insight or feedback if you have been in my position or similiar. Feel free to add me on skype if you want to chat or can help! I have tons of online projects on the side (some high PRs and several niches).. Skype: DoveGlobalMedia


    Thanks guys and best of luck to you all!

    - Smokin`

    Party flier I threw together today:
    Note: Although the techniques I incorporate for my personal online stuff include white+blackhat methods at reduced proxy rates of course to look natural, I am doing this job 100% organic because I am not taking a risk for Panda 2.0 or take him off that first page and look REALLY REALLY BAD.
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